Monday, September 20, 2010
This tag was made using a ScrapKit called " The Witching Hour" You can View Wicked Princess Scraps here And you can purchase this ScrapKit here You can also find all Wicked Princess Scraps results here in the Gallery l also used a mask from Vix_Mask393 you can find it here Thie is my second Tutorial for Shani, l picked this ScrapKit because its elements are unique and amazing I look forward to working on more of your ScrapKits in the future Keep up the good work Hugs lee xx -------------------------------- l started this tag with a 800 x 800 image this followed with pp10, then l went to layers, load/save mask and selected my mask and hit load l then selected old tree and tree3 resized both to 200 and then did a further adjustment, once they were in place l gave them a 1 drop shadow PASign was resized also to 110 and placed in front of the tree on the left side of the tag Web and Spiderweb were both placed on the tag once they were resized to 100, web first then spiderweb. They were placed between the two trees and web was angled, a drop shadow of 1 was given to them Bloodspatter was resized to 40 and placed just of centre under the mask Scarecrow was also resized to 110 and adjusted to fit to the left side of the last tree and placed under the mask Part of flaminghost was add to the right of the last tree, the remaining part was send down behind the tree, after it was also resized to 110 then it was given a drop shadow of 2 and duplicated. The second copy was sent to the top Graygate was also resized to 200 and added to the tag so it sat to the front of the last tree, giving the appearance that there is a driveway in front of it. Then l gave it a drop shadow of 2 Creepyghost is the last element, after it is resized to 120 and placed to the right of the gate a duplicate is made to give the ghost some depth l then selected a Jonathan Raya tube and resized it to 160 before placing it on the tag to the left of the bloodspatter so you could see a small amount of blood. l have had Jonathan's tubes for some time at present l am not sure were you can local them This is the only link l have on him Dont forget any licence details Hugs lee xx




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