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Tuesday, June 7, 2011
For this tag l used a sampler ScrapKit from SharonB, this kit is part of June's Blogtrain for Gothic Inspirations " Strawberry Wine " You can find it here and the BlogTrain here Vix_Mask356 is the Mask l used, you can find it here The font l used is AL Boogie Woogie you can find it here SharonB this is the first time l have worked with your ScrapKits but l must say l love your unique style Hugs lee xx ------------------------------ I began this tag with a 800 x 800 image and added paper11 then went to layers, load/save mask and selected my mask hitting load Then l selected paper9 and send it below the mask to give the mask a backing The WineFairy was placed on the tag and the size was adjusted once it was in place followed by a drop shadow of 4 Butterfly was resized to 150 and angled plus send belwo the mask once it was in place l duplicated it and added a drop shadow of 3 Wine and WineGlass were both resized to 160 before being added to the tag with a drop shadow of 3 Roselement was resized to 110 and once in place it recieved a drop shadow of 2 Strawberry was also resized to 120 and duplicated, mirrored and angled into place ( 5 all together ) A copyright was added and Sharon's name Hugs lee xx




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