Friday, October 28, 2011
For this tag l used the amazing work of two designers l admire, Sunshine Daze and Rowen Designs. You can view both of their works at Aussie Scrap Designs here For this tag l used one of Lorna's Mask you can find them here The font l used was a&s blaze Rowen you amazing me with your posers they are truly a piece of art Dawn your ScrapKits are awesome they are changing and becoming more amazing Keep up the good work ladies Hugs lee xx --------------------- I began with a 800 x 800 image and added paper14 then l followed this with layers, load/save mask and hit load Elements 54 and 55 came next and were added to the tag with 55 being sent below the mask and angled with a drop shadow of 4, 54 also recived a drop shadow of 4 but was not send down below the mask Elements 57 and 73 were both resized to 400 and adjusted once on the tag with a drop shadow of 3 given to both once in place Elements 15 and 31 came next after a resizing to 300 they were added to the tag with a drop shadow of 3 Next came element35 and once it was added and put into place l send it down below the elements Element 56 was the last element and once added to the tag and send down it was duplicated and a drop shadow of 6 added The two posers came next and once added to the tag and send below the other elements both received a drop shadow of 4 Copyright details were added and both Rowen and Dawn's name to their tags Hugs lee xx




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l am a 54 yr old who enjoys life and what it gives us No Kids, but a long list of neices and nephews l love and adore. I adore Art and photography and l have done a lot over the past 10 years, over the next year l hope to show you a lot of my work. I also began using paintshop about 3 years ago now, and just started making wordart for blogs in December 2010. Hugs lee xx
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