Wednesday, May 19, 2010
l have just started doing some PTU Tags for Aussie Scraps Designs, l am so proud to help them out and l hope their designers will enjoy my tags. The ScrapKit l used is from ScrappinD'signs you can get it here l sat here last night when l finished two tags with this ScrapKit thinking why do l like it so much then l relized its made by a designer that also made a kit l really love and have played with heaps. Its called ' Morning delight' and also is a very special ScrapKit. -------------------- Open a image 600 x 600 pixels transparent, if you prefer to flood fill it with white please do. For this tag l must admit l forgot to add a mask shhhh l must have been too excited to use this kit. Feel free to select a mask of you choice Then open Frame 7 and resized to 580 x 580 pixels and copy and paste onto image adding a drop shadow of 7. l then selected paper 7 resize it to 400 pixels and fit it to the frame dropping it down under frame adding 3 drop shadow Element 4 flower was my next choice l resized and angled it to fit the frame adding 2 drop shadow For this tag l selected Suzanne Woolcott's newest tube's from pack 47 you can buy it from here shop here l copy and paste them resizing ' Willow ' so she could sit towards the back of the rabbit, both received a drop shadow of 3 The Bicycle element was next and it was resized to fit between the two rabbits on the join of the frames no shadow was added this time. Butterfly 2 was added next resized,angled and l added 2 drop shadow to sit on the top of each frame l mirrored it to sit on the opposite frame The last two things added were the umbrella and spring shell both were resized and placed on the tag with 1 pixel shadow. l used BigLimboBT font on this tag, you can get it from here Please dont forget to add any copyright and license details Thank you for trying this Tutorial Hugs lee xx




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