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Monday, November 15, 2010
I used a Scrapkit from Pink called " A little goes a long way " for this tutorial You can find it on Pink's blog " Pink's Poetic Scraps " here I used Gems_Mask8 for this tag also, you can find her masks here I also used A&S Jiggy Roman for this tag, you can find it here I also added one of Suzanne Woolcott's amazing tubes, you can find her work here Pink l really love the elements in this Scrapkit they are both fun and so cute, awesome work Hugs lee xx ---------------------- I started this tag with a 800 x 800 image and added paper 3 then went to layers, load/save mask and hit load Then started adding the elements Scarecrow came first, l resized it to 350 and add it to the centre of the tag just sitting under the mask with a drop shadow of 3 The sunflower was resized to 220 and duplicated then mirrored so there would be one on each side of the scarecrow, sitting just under the mask and a drop shadow of 2 Sunflower 1 was resized to 120 and placed just above the sunflower then duplicated and mirrored on the left of the scarecrow and tucked down under the mask with a drop shadow of 2 Horn of plenty came next, after a resizing to 120 l placed it in the centre of the scarecrows feet with a drop shadow of 2 Toby turkey came next, it was resized to 100 and add to the left side of the scarecrow with a drop shadow of 2 Big pumpkin was the last element added, after it was resized to 60 and add to the left side of tag in front of the turkey a drop shadow of 2 was added Last, l added Suzanne Woolcott's gorjuss tube, duplicating it and mirroring it as well then senting the 2nd copy down behind the mask so all you see is the face and a arm peeking out over the turkey. Drops shadow of 4 was added to both I added the WordArt and the licence details, plus pink's name last Hugs lee xx


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